2Casa Group

The 2Casa Group is an international Real Estate and Finance organization.

We operate an international hotel brokerage, a residential real estate network and Golf Course brokerage services.

We also offer commercial financing services and provide access to international development opportunities.

Our Divisions
    • 2Casa Hotels
    • 2Casa Hotels is an international hotel brokerage that represents both buyers and sellers worldwide and has experience in dealing with a large range of hotels from exclusive smaller boutique properties to complete multi-property chains and exclusive signature hotels..
    • 2Casa Realty
    • 2Casa Realty is a residential real estate lead generation system for brokers and owners and a culmination of years of hands on experience as brokers in residential and commercial real estate as well as financing. Initially launched in Mexico, 2Casa Realty is now available in other Latin American countries and will soon be expanding to other territories. For more information visit 2Casa Realty.
    • 2Casa Golf
    • 2Casa Golf actively brokers golf courses and golf resorts internationaly.
    • 2Casa Investments is involved in various Residential, Hotel, Casino and other development projects in Mexico and other regions of the world. The company offers full development and management services providing investors with turn key opportunities. Please contact us if you are looking for investment opportunities or want us to market your development project.
    • 2Casa Finance processes approximately $10 billion in financing inquiries annually. The company works with multiple direct financing sources as well as brokers in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. Please visit our intake page to submit your request.
  • The 2Casa Group owns and operates 2Casa Labs, which develops web and mobile applications in the travel, hospitality and real estate segments. If you are interested in collaborating or bringing a project to us, please drop us a line.

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